A Happy Ending Massage

Ever since I came across this agency, I can’t deny that my sexual experiences have been quite fulfilling. However, of late, it felt like I had exhausted all my fantasies. When I first started booking London escorts, I was very wild. Some of the requests I would make to some ladies would leave them astounded. But, the good thing about these professionals is that most of them are open-minded and are willing to go to the deepest and most intense lengths to grant you sexual satisfaction.

Last week on Thursday, the boys and I had planned to go for a weekend gateway in the Cotswolds. However, my mate Barry wasn’t feeling well so the plans were called off. I was left contemplating what would keep me pre-occupied over the weekend. Then alas, the idea of booking an escort crossed my mind. And because I was still at work, I decided that when I get home I would find another fantasy worth exploring with a skilled London call girl.

That night I was so tired and dozed off. On Fridays, we leave work at 3, I, therefore, had a lot of free time to decide what I wanted to do. After leaving work, I headed to a local joint and as I was on my third beer, I started looking at the agency’s site. These guys never disappoint. Their homepage was full of fresh new faces.

And I was particularly attracted to this mature blonde lady. Her name was Pam. She was quite curvy and had that devilish look in her eyes. Exactly my type. So I clicked on her profile and her latest review praised how she gives the best happy ending massages. This is something that I had never tried before. So, without wasting any time, I filled in the details and submitted my booking for the next day.

Fast forward to Saturday, I got a call at around 10 in the morning. It was Pam. After introducing herself, she went straight to the point and told me that she had been intrigued by my profile and asked whether we should meet incall or outcall. I prefer outcall sessions because I enjoy getting it down in my crib. After all, am a bachelor and this is one of the perks of living alone. So we planned everything and she was to come for a 2-hour session at 3 pm.

A few minutes before 3, she called me and said she had arrived. I picked her up and we walked into my apartment. What I loved about Pam was her calmness. She wasn’t in a hurry and looked quite composed. We drunk some wine and then headed to the bedroom where she would give me the massage. With her, she had carried massage oil and a bunch of other stuff. I changed into a rob and she put on one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie I had ever seen.

I laid on the bed with my face buried on the pillow and I could feel her gentle fingers massaging my back. She started slowly and the massages became more vigorous. At one point she slid in between my cheeks and started caressing my balls. I was so turned at this point. She asked me to face up. My massive thing was nearly suffocating.

Pam wasn’t in a hurry to go down on me. She took her time to massage all my body parts. At first, I was so eager to get it down but I became patient and enjoyed her gentle fingers caressing me all over. At that moment, I was at peace. I felt a mixture of excitement and surprise because I didn’t know what would happen next.

I could see her getting turned on as she would occasionally rub my thing provocatively. She began undressing while still massaging me. With my eyes closed, I felt her get on top of me and she slid it in slowly. I was bursting with excitement. There is something about these mature ladies(click here). She rode me so passionately that I came in 5 minutes. She giggled in surprise as I was laying there lifeless.

But she was too sweet and I wasn’t done with her. We drained another bottle of wine and talked about sports, weather, and even politics. Our session was about to end but I offered to pay for another hour. She agreed and this time, we didn’t go back to the bedroom. We did it on the sofa. She was so flexible and her moans were amazing. We both climaxed and started enjoying the view from my living room window.

Indeed, it was a massage with a happy ending. I had to tip her for the job well done. Later on, I picked her as one of my favourite London escorts on the agency’s website. I am looking forward to booking a session with her a couple more times.